Would like to know more about the stones?. Don’t you think Stone’s are beautiful?. There are many types of natural stone which are found on earth. Some of them are quite rare and some are easy to found. The stone which is rare to found, they tend to be very expensive like Diamond.

There are many other different types natural stone are found and all these stone have different use and quality like Granite, Marble, Diamond and so on.

Granite: it is very hard in nature. Most of the time Granite dimension stone is used in bridges, buildings, monuments, paving, and many other exterior projects.

Marble: It is also known as a construction stone. It is capable of taking polish and easy to give any shape. Marble is composed of calcite, serpentine or dolomite.

Diamond: Diamonds are the perfect stone. They are highly useful because Diamond membranes are durable, heat resistant and transparent. Diamonds can be used for jewellery to grinding and cutting to drilling.