Buy a wood heater and have a cosy BBQ this Summer

Are you planning a BBQ party in your backyard, patio or lawn? If yes, then have you checked the forecast for that evening? Honestly, weather can be a deciding factor for you’ll be having fun, or all time will go waste! Keeping your guests warm in the shivering cold night is very important to cherish every moment of laughing together to the fullest. So, to keep everything going smoothly, your place must be warm and incredibly cosy as well. And to do so, outdoor heating equipment such as wood heaters play a crucial role. Following outdoor options will ease your way out in this quest.

BBQ in backyard

Fire Pits

Making the whole party scene come to life in the cold night, a fire pit perfectly complement a BBQ dinner outside with your family or friends. Being a great heating source for a more extensive area, it lets you enjoy a fun time together in your backyard during the shivering cold winter season. In addition to being cosy and comfortable, fire pits are the most popular design feature in newly constructed places. To get the most out of its beauty and benefits, it is particularly important to thoroughly plan, design and map its presence in your backyard. Without having a wholesome plan, it’ll be just digging your ground for no good. So, you must know where to start, the size, material to be used and most important point out the specific area of the yard.
Keeping your backyard warm and well-heated is certainly your priority when having a get-together, and being in your budget is extremely important as well. For that matter, having a fire pit in the ground is one of the most budget-friendly options. There are different sorts of fire pits options available, ranging from simpler to fancier ones.

Fire pitA fire pit made with putting limestone in the ring and adding wood inside is a simplest fire pit. Just don’t make it yourself, as it may look simple, but inside there is a drain, linked with pipe channelling underground the lawn. Thus rainwater cannot collect in this pit. Other fire pits are made of stone patios, which look amazing and are best to heat up the place.
Fancy fire pits are a little expensive and will be a bit difficult to install. But with their beautiful architectural design, whether the wood is burning inside or not, they’ll add a modern and artistic feel to the area. Plus, depending upon your budget, there are numerous options available for larger places as well.
Wood burning fire pits are an old-fashioned way to light up your yard. You can add pieces of logs and newspapers to lit it up more, but avoid adding flammable liquids.

To elevate the spark in your BBQ party, the wood burning fire pit is the best and most affordable outdoor heating option.

Outdoor Wood Heaters

Installing outdoor wood heaters or burners are an immediate and durable outdoor heating option. When you are planning a BBQ party in your backyard in the chilling night of winter, the outdoor wood heater will make your place warm, cosy and comfortable. This is an incredibly dependable, comprehensive, and budget-friendly heating option. A wood heater is a multitasker, as it can heat up many areas of your home in a single go. For example, you can heat up your garage, patio or a shed with this. Not only that, a higher-rated furnace is enough to keep multiple homes heated.
Adding to its multiple benefits, its an extremely safe too. As you’ll get rid of a fire hazard from your home. It’ll keep you away from many risks. You just have to choose a good model includes safety from electric shocks, flash burning and pressure. And you are ready to have a good time.

Outdoor Electric Heaters

To treasure every moment leisurely, you got to choose something ideal and perfect. And for that outdoor electric radiant heaters are the best, and become one of the most vital architectural features of the porch. They come in a range of sizes, fuel consumption options, and styles. Among different styles, stand heaters have gained immense popularity, as these heaters can cover a larger area (approx. 15- 20 feet), and deliver more warmth than others. A couple of safety options are linked with heaters, such as the area where you are placing the heater must be on the higher level and straight. And guests, particular kids, must keep a safe distance.

Outdoor Built-in Fire Place


A more beautiful and attractive outdoor heating option of all, a fireplace certainly gives a chic touch to your place beside serving the obvious heating purpose. You can have a custom built fireplace or a DIY, in any way this looks stunning and warm. Wood or gas can be used as fuel. And these are made of stone, brick, metal, and concrete. Most popular are of concrete and stone.


Another inexpensive outdoor heating option, perfect to lit up in the night, a chimney is made of metal or clay and had been one of the most popular options in the 80s and 90s. These are a smaller version of fire pits, but much more practical sustain fire in windy weather. The fire is contained inside clay container, and give off heat flawlessly for an outdoor gathering. Adler cedar, hickory, oak, pinion wood, and fruit-wood like that of cherry’s and apple trees wood are good firewood options for chimneys. Chimney extensions help to vent the smoke of the fire, and your place remains clean, cosy and well- heated.

Fire Bowl

wood heater

The simplest heating option of all, a fire bowl is a larger sized metal bowl, perfect to put in patios. Topped with a hooded hat that prevents rain or frost to get inside the fire pan, these fire bowls have one side open to add in small wood logs easily. In addition to heating a small place, these small bowls can also be used to heat up your BBQ stick or marshmallow stick.
But beware not to add pressure-treated wood in any sort of heating equipment including fire pits, fireplace, or chimneys

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