Can your small kitchen be renovated to bring the new era look?

In modern times, kitchens and baths have to occupy the centre stage of any home. Kitchens, in particular, are no more huddled into a corner with little or no breathing space or room to veer around. To be very honest, if you are expecting to renovate your small kitchen to give it the appearance of a second living space with all the gadgets and show pieces around, you will be constrained by the space available to do that.But, there are several ways to bring in functional aspects, that can make your kitchen significantly more pleasing to look at and functionally superior. By now, you have already imagined that a small kitchen cannot accommodate storage, homework, recipe hunting and similar things. Therefore, functionality should be the focus when you embark on a small kitchen renovation. The following tips are designed to help you in that direction.

Open cupboards make space brighten up

Animated kitchen

Open shelves are inviting for your family as well as visitors making everyone feel at home and gives the freedom to everyone to help themselves with what they need. No need to ask someone to find things or rummage through multiple cabinets since everything is in plain view. Dust accumulation can be a concern for some households, but when you come to think of it, cleaning it up once a fortnight should not consume more than 30 minutes.

Shelves are easier to organize too

Shelves offer great convenience since anyone can find anything with ease and things get back to where they belong without much ado. So keeping things organized is a lot easier.

Open shelving is significantly cheaper

Shelves are not just the perfect solution for your dated kitchen, but also pretty much economical, and you can get a feel of what it could look like for you here. Further, open shelving also creates interest in the given space while saving you a few hundred dollars too. Painted planks or salvaged wood from a neighbourhood hardware store should be a functional and cost-effective option where you can display everyday dishes. However, if you have fitted cabinets, you can resist the temptation to throw it out, since they can be gainfully deployed for storing and more so in a small kitchen with a lot of stuff you need to pack in.

Mixing and matching materials

Side view of modern kitchenThe mixing matching game can be played in many different ways when it comes to kitchen renovation in particular. For instance, the island can sport a statement material while the countertops get a simpler surface. You can also contrast quartz against other materials like granite, marble or other designer kitchen tiles. The secret of achieving the vow factor in the mix and match game is using tones that relate and having strong contrasts so that the mismatch is beautiful and intentional. Choose materials with a variation or gain tones for use on the solid surface. You can also take help from the digital world to understand a set of design options before you decide to go shopping.


Use lighting to visually expand your kitchen

Kitchen with natural and artificial light

Thoughtful lighting can do wonders to your kitchen however small it may be. The trick is to plan things well, after examining different options with the help of the digital world. Following are some pointers to help you along:-

  • To see your countertop with ease, lighting under the cabinet is a great way. Though overheads lighting can also be a great idea, smaller and are specific approach can be the best way to enhance your kitchen and make working in it a lot easier. Try simple strips of LED lighting to appreciate the huge difference it can make.
  • Recessed lighting is another way to brighten the kitchen space because the light gets spread more evenly to give the effect of a well-lit kitchen. Since these lights inside a cavity in the ceiling, the lines are clean and there is no light hanging down with potential hazards.
  • Accent lighting similarly can deliver a big impact. You can deploy them to enhance/display artwork, special dishes sitting in a glass cabinet or other areas where you think some extra lighting can bring that dramatic effect.
  • Tones/colours of lighting – Choosing different tones/colours for the kitchen lighting is another way to create a more comfortable, and intimate setting.

Focus on the flooring

Proper selection of flooring is a vital decision in kitchen renovation. Most homeowners tend to make the mistake of not giving due importance to this aspect. The impact of the most appropriate flooring for your kitchen can be significant in the overall makeover that you get. There is no dearth of options for you and can include vinyl, hardwood, laminate, tile or linoleum. The environment in which you live in is a major driver in choosing the flooring material, and your lifestyle will also have an impact. Spending quality time, exploring multiple options through the digital world will give you amazing ideas. Lately, laminated flooring for the kitchen has also risen in popularity. The picture of a wood grain, stone or other surface is laminated directly on the flooring material chosen. This can be installed quickly and is considered pretty durable too.
An important factor to bear in mind while renovating a small kitchen is that size is never a constraint when it comes to converting your dreary looking kitchen into a spacious Kitchen that your family can enjoy every day and even be the envy of your guests. Thorough research, loads of creativity and perfect planning will ensure that your kitchen gets that awesome look that you have always been wanting.

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